Sanan Relief is an authentic medical cann*** brand that has branched out from the deep roots of ancient texts and Ayurveda. A pioneer in the medical hemp industry, Sanan Relief has blended the knowledge of history with modern-day technology, to bring alternative and successful solutions to various health difficulties.

At Sanan Relief, we procure cann*** Sativa leaves directly from the Government of India.

We have all the necessary licenses and permits to manufacture and sell our cann*** -induced medications in India. Keeping the safety of our customers in mind, we have ensured that all the other ingredients that go in our formulations are 100% genuine and organic.

The parent company of Sanan Relief, Mehta Ayurvedic Sansthan (MAS), was founded in the year 1986. MAS is one of the first organizations that came into existence after the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985, was formed. Over the past four decades, we have served millions of people with our natural and premium products. We are aware of the needs of the people and how to solve them with our CBD formulations. Sanan Relief understands the needs and inhibitions of the patients. We converse with them to know their healthcare requirements to come up with the best alternative medicines and healing therapies as per their need.